Review Policy


If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review your book you can contact me at Before contacting me please take time to read this.

I read both Young Adult and MM Romance books. I sometimes read Middle grade, it depends what genre it is.

Genres I accept:

  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal
  • LGBT
  • Science Fiction.

Genres I do not Accept :

  • Crime
  • Religous
  • Poetry
  • Non- Fiction
  • BDSM Romance
  • Horror

My Reviews.

When writing my review I will post it both on Goodreads and on my blog. My reviews will always be honest and in my own words. This means that sometimes( If I didn’t like a certain book) I will post a negative review but I will never completely attack either the author or the book. In this case I will say what I didn’t like about the book and will also mention a thing I did like. I may not always get a chance to review your book and if you have a specific timetable as to when your book has to be read please inform me first.

My reviews will always include:

  • Cover Art.
  • The Synposis.
  • Authors Name.
  • Whether it is a series or stand alone.
  • Page number.
  • Genre.
  • Link to Goodreads or Amazon.
  • Some Gifs.

A link to my star ratings is Here. I explain what each number of stars means to me and why I would give a book a certain number of stars. I’m not really a fussy reader but there are some pet peeves that I hate to read about.

These Include:

  • Cheating.
  • Love Triangles or squares.
  •  A lot of Bdsm
  • Unnecessary Drama.


I love reading on both my kindle and my iPad so I will accept ebooks – Mobi and PDFs.

I also accept paperback ARCs.

I don’t accept audiobooks.


I would like to thank you for reading my review policy. If you wish for me to review your book please send me an email at

In your email please include the author’s name, the booktitle, what format the book is in, the genre and the Synopsis.