About Me


My name is Shannon. I’m 19 years of age and I’ve been obsessed with books since I was a kid reading Jill Murphy or Roald Dahl. My favorite genres to read are Romance, Contmeporay, Paranormal, Young Adult and some Sc fi. I mostly read m/m so that’s what most of my reviews will be about. I do read m/f if there books from my auto buy authors or series I’ve been reading a few years.


Apart from books I also love science and I’m currently studying biological and biomedical science. I’m a big biology fan and hope to study it further in the future. My favorite singer is Avril Lavigne I just love that girl. My favorite type of music is pop and some rock. My most precious processions in my room are my kindle, bookshelf and a bear I’ve had since I was five. 

All in all I’m a 19 -year -old, Irish bookworm who’s most entertaining hobby is to talk on and on about the books I read. I’m friendly and love to chat so feel free to leave a comment or any recommendations you might have on books, I love to read new things. 


Shan. ☺️