April 2017

Hello to all my lovely followers and thank you. I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive the past few months. Real lifeπŸ˜• Has unfortunately gotten in the way but I’ve three weeks left of exams in college and then I’m free for four months. Β I have so many great ideas planned and I can’t wait to share them.

Before I do my book haul and wrap up I have some news: I have joined book amino πŸ˜† And guys it is so fun. I’ve been on it 5 days and already I’ve met and talked to some wonderful people, all interested in the same books as me. If you are a booklover like myself I totally suggest joining.

So today’s post is a little late( I should have done this last week), my April 2017 Bookhaul and Wrap up.

My Wrap up.

Last month wasn’t the best reading month for me and in total I managed to read 3 books. (And god knows how much TRC + Pynch Fanfiction. I have an addiction) Honestly I told myself I’d stop reading so I could focus on my upcoming college exams but I haven’t even studied. I think I’m in a bit of a slumpπŸ˜’ My exams are Friday though and I do need to study so I won’t be fixing that until at least May 23rd….. Annnd I’m rambling.

Time to get to my wrap up.

1) Gemina



This book was fantastic. So good It took me a day to finish. Honestly my ability to read fast really depends on how good the book is and Gemina was excellent. I do have a review and I will post it here so I won’t go into to much detail. This book took me by surprise in more ways than one. It was nerve wrecking, worse than book one( I know I didn’t think it was possible) but so so good. Guys trust the hype because I defiantly recommend this book.

2) The Raven King



*WARNING SPOIlERs !!!!!! If you haven’t read this series please scroll past really fast. Though not major spoilers. I don’t want to ruin the fun of discovering it yourself. ☺

I have finally finished 😭 I loved this series so much. I feel like personally thanking Maggie Stievater just for giving us these charcaters. Also The Ronan Trilogy to come!!! I literally screamed when I heard the news. Oh and lets not forget the TV show and bonus short story!!! Honestly I was upset when finishing but quickly got over it when I discovered all this wonderful news. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with these characters. ( So much fan fiction). The Raven King was my favourite and no not just because my ship became canon. It was action and excitement from page one and I adored it. I did find the epilogue at the end not to be as satisfying as I wished. It left so many questions which I now think was planned. – The short story to come and The Ronan Trilogy. So I cannot complain.

3) The Lies we tell ourselves.

IMG_1517The picture is borrowed from my Bookstagram.


I did manage to review this book because I think it’s a very empowering and an important YA book. I loved it and I honestly think everyone should read it. It deals with some very difficult themes and I like how the author portrayed the main characters true strength throughout the novel. You can find the link to my reviewΒ here

So that concludes my wrap up for the month of April. If you’ve been following my monthly wrap ups you will see that this one is different to all the my past ones. Mainly because I actually talk about the books I’ve read. I wanted to change my blog up a bit and this is one of my new changes. I will revert to my old way if I’ve read more than 10 books in a month, because then the post would be way to long.

My BookHaul.

Just because I haven’t had the time to read many books. That hasn’t stopped me from getting many, many books. Just how many? Em haha mumbles 38.I told you all I got a jobπŸ˜‚ Don’t worry I didn’t actually buy the 38 books I bought( this also includes ebooks) 22. 7 ebooks and 15 paperbacks. The other 16 books I got from a monthly book exchange that is held just outside my mams job every first Thursday of the month. They had some really good books last month. Instead of naming all 38 individually I took pictures of my book exchange books and the books I bought. I’ll name the seven ebooks. πŸ˜ƒ

Book exchange books.

Β Paperback Buys.



  1. Gives Light by Rose Christo(YA, LGBT Contemporary)
  2. The Finder by L.E Lorin.(Adult, MM Romance.)
  3. End Street Volume 1 by Amber Kell and RJ Scott.( Adult, MM Fantasy Romance.)Β 
  4. A&B by J.C Lillis. ( Ya, LGBT Contemporary)Β 
  5. Angel Fall by Susan EE. (Ya, Fantasy.)
  6. The Noble of Sperath by Siera Maley.( YA, LGBT Fantasy)
  7. Skulduggery Pleasent by Derek Landy.(Middle grade, Fantasy)

And that concludes my April 2017 Bookhaul and Wrap up. Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a link to yours and I’ll check it out. πŸ’œ


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