Leo Tops Aries.

Novella – Leo Tops Aries( 25 pages.)
Author – Anyta Sunday
Series – (Signs of Love #1.5)

Why did Theo ever bet that a Leo could outwait an Aries?

Blue balls have never been so blue.

My Thoughts 

Leo Tops Aries is a Novella from the series, Signs of Love, by Anyta Sunday. It’s completely free on Smashwords and if your subscribed to Miss Sunday’s newsletter she also sent an email with the novella to download included.

This review won’t be long as the novella is short. I don’t normally read novellas – I always end up wanting more – but I could resist here because it’s Theo and Jamie. I adored them in Leo Loves Aries and I love them even more after this Novella.

It’s short and sweet and I devoured every bit of it. I enjoyed it so much when I heard from Goodreads it was free, I went straight on to Smashwords, downloaded it and read it at four in the morning. I’m a girl who LOVES her sleep, so if a book/novella has the power to keep me up then it’s something special.

Jamie and Theo I just loved them. So much so that I’ve done something I’ve never done before for a review ( I might start doing it I’ve found pictures of what I think they look like.





Overall, I loved this little Novella. I cannot wait for book two in the series. It is confirmed that it won’t be about Jamie and Theo but I’m sure I’ll love the main characters anyway. Plus it was also confirmed that Theo’s mother is in book two so I’m excited because her character was one of the best in book one.

4 out of 5 Stars.


Thank You for Reading,

Have a wonderful day. ☺️💗



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